We are FLEXY, an Italian company with a strong and long experience on egg collection and egg transportation systems. From the beginning, FLEXY aimed to have high quality products, by choosing the best materials and mechanical components. With its wide range of products, our company provides the optimal solutions for your projects, in order to guarantee always the best performances and results.

External view EggWay: “This is an example of a long covered EGGWAY system, to transfer the eggs from one shed, to another. The egg conveyor is installed to a certain height, in order to facilitate the movement of tractors and trucks around the farm. The covers are available also for the bends.”

Eggway general video: “This is a perfect example of a complete project that includes our EGGWAY system. The collection of the eggs starts from the cages, through the elevator that lifts up the eggs up to the egg conveyor. All the eggs are then transferred from the shed with the cage systems, to the egg room, passing externally on a covered conveyor, to protect the eggs from the different atmospheric events. The eggs are transported from the shed conveyor to the main one, that receives the eggs from all the sheds of the plant. After that, the eggs reach the egg packer, where the operator that stands next to it, controls the integrity of the eggs, removing the ones that are not matching their standards.”

Eggway bottom view: “On this video you can get a different prospective of our EGGWAY. As you can see, the system receive the eggs from the elevators installed on the head of the cage systems and transports these gently along all the circuit. On the video is also visible the flexible bar that is frequently used to avoid the contact between the eggs coming from the elevators and the others already on the conveyor.”


Egg Table: “The video shows briefly how looks our Egg Table. The product completely in stainless steel transfers slowly the eggs from the egg conveyors (it can be connected to all the available conveyors in the market) to the egg packer. The width of the egg table can vary, considering the number of conveyors that reach the table. On the top of the table there is the chance to install all the necessary deflectors, to canalize safely the eggs on the right directions. The egg table is also available in a multilevel version, following the requirements of the plant.”