EGG WAY – Egg Conveyor

EGG WAY – Egg Conveyor

EGG WAY – Egg Conveyor

EGGWAY is the Flexy egg conveyor with a special rod belt unlike any other conveyor on the market. The belt is welded over more than 2 cm on both sides and it consists of two calibrated, hardened outside chains, joined together by an endless loop, “the Flexy Bar”.
Component structures have 20 micron passivate coating and/or aluminum combined with plastic materials.

The main feature are:

  • Stronger chains weldings;
  • No egg breakages, even on bends;
  • Smoth conveyor running;
  • Drastic reduction in friction thanks to unrestricted chain guide;
  • lower power consumption.

EggWay Brochure

Download EggWay Brochure.pdf