LiftWay Egg lifting system

LiftWay - Egg lifting system

The flexibility and special features of our Egg lifting system allow 2 EggWays to be combined with the same Lift structure, creating a new system called the Double Lift.

The Double Lift collects eggs 2 levels at a time, ensuring:

  • Clear reduction of collection times;
  • Capacity for supplying large quantities of eggs to the final processing machines, up to 90.000 eggs/hour.

Where required, the system is integrated with our automatic sorting and/or conveyor tables.

The main feature are:

  • Unrestricted access to corridors, since when not in use, the system is always parked in raised position
  • Just one egg transfer from jute belt to transverse conveyor
  • Fewer motors, giving lower power consumption
  • Easy installation of a variable speed drive to “balance” double collection processes.
  • Shorter maintenance and cleaning times.