One – two tier central group automatic nest with egg collection

One – two tier central group automatic nest with egg collection

The central group nest with automatic egg collection for breeders and floor-reared commercial layer has been designed to comply with the 1999/74/CE Standards.

The nest, in galvanized sheet, has been designed to keep the birds particularly comfortable and secluded environment that helps hens to lay.
For ventilation there are openings on the internal partitions and on the nest roof creates a efficient air circulation in each element, preventing therefore heating of the nest area.
The nest roofing helps the inspection of each hole as well as cleaning operations at end cycle. The nest roof can be opened in sections helping with the inspection of the holes as well as cleaning operations at cycle end.

The explulsion system which is controlled by means of one or more centralized commands with either a gearbox or actuator eliminates the problem of the hens “nesting” and helps to keep the nest always clean.
On its bottom is hooked a plastic mat which is comfortable for the hens and can be easily removed. The bearing structure of the nest is completely in galvanized steel.
The height of the stainless steel legs can be adjusted.
The automatic egg collection is made by means of two thick, self-cleaning polypropylene belts, duly holed to prevent eggs from rolling.
The egg collection channel on which the egg belt runs has a central deflector to avoid egg collision coming from both sides of the nest. The drive unit of the egg belt is done with a motor gearbox and a speed control unit.
The eggs are conveyed by means of the belt towards a single collection table positioned usually in front on the house.

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Technical data

Technical data:

Broilers/Breeders 200/240 50/60
Layers CE standards 272 68
Biologic layers 188 47